LED Asia provides quality LED lights at good prices and with a two-year warranty. Our lights are rated at either 20,000 or 50,000 hours and provide advantages over other lighting solutions in power usage, heat generation, carbon footprint, man-hours changing lights, environmental impact and potential hazard from breakage. We can provide pay-back/Return on Investment calculations as needed.

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We provide LED lights for all sorts of usage: offices, homes, bars, pool halls, factories and warehouses. We are experienced in working with contractors, designers and architects to get the right lighting installed effectively.

We have CE, UL and SAA certification lights and drivers available. In general, lights are available in a choice of cool white, warm white, daylight temperatures. RGB also available for some items. Special order for non-standard or color temperatures by quotation. Most of our lights are dimmable (digital dimmers). Our dimmers and lighting solutions allow for far fewer dimmers than the typical lighting design.