If you run a business and are using incandescent light sources or fluorescent lights, you are spending much more money on your lighting than you should be.

Today, with quality LED lights, you can not only be saving money on the power required to light your place, and doing so with a better quality light, but also generating less heat and less of a carbon footprint.

Recent assessments of a number of businesses in Thailand and the USA have demonstrated that LEDs pay for themselves in between 2 and 7 months, and save the venues that put them in money. A lot of money.


Mid-size assessments have shown cost savings on electricity consumption for lighting alone of between 30,000 and 150,000 Baht a year ($1,000 – $5,000).

Asia LED provides quality LED lighting solutions to clients throughout South East Asia and North America at a great cost factor with a two-year warranty and great customer service.

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